Why spend MORE time on the Internet?

I swore to myself, as recently as two weeks ago, that I would not do this. I would not, could not start a blog. Why not? Though I like to write, I labor over it, and I can’t make myself write frequently. I try to be a fairly private person, though I often fail at that. And lastly, I already think I spend too much time on the computer.

So why start? Well, I do read a lot of blogs, and if there’s something I enjoy watching other people do I really can’t help trying it myself. It’s sort of arrogant, really; I think “Hell, I could do that.” Also, once something is put off-limits, it inevitably acquires a certain pull…

I have no idea how quickly this will get going. While I’m starting out, I may repost various little things I’ve written in emails to my friends over the last few months.

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