Using a hammer to guarantee a mathematical result.

Last month the fridge in our apartment broke, and we were delivered a newer, smaller replacement. The new box was a challenge to get through the back door, but with some help we squeezed it in. Trouble was, the old, larger one then had to go out.

After a couple days of procrastinating, I determined that if I got the fridge doors off, then it would fit out the back door. Groovy. Unfortunately, the threads were stripped on several of the screws holding the brackets. Fortunately, that meant I got to finish the job with a sledgehammer. I am always happy when a solution to an engineering problem involves a hammer. This is probably a character flaw.

Anyway, today I was Googling some stuff about frame pointers and static initialization when I hit an old post on Raymond Chen’s blog. I’m a big fan, so I couldn’t help but stick around and read some other old early-2004 posts that I’d missed.

I’ve got to say that this is one of the best nerd war-stories I’ve read. It’s got bad coding, a clever workaround, and as a bonus, the solution also involves a hammer.

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