My silver screen debut.

A couple of weekends ago I helped my pal Bob out with his entry into this year’s 48 Hour Film Project event. It was right up my alley, as I got to play a competitive eater. I ate a LOT of Jell-o, but unfortunately I had to take a dive as the script called for the main character to win… oh well. After we spent Saturday morning on the climatic eating scene, Bob and his crew spent the rest of the weekend — without sleep, I gather — with the rest of the filming, editing, etc. The results are being shown in a for-real movie theatre tonight. Should be exciting!

UPDATE: It turned out pretty well. The script was cute and Todd was a riot as the James Bond-esque spy character. My appearance was brief but my one ad-libbed line came across pretty well. Still, where was the footage of me swallowing a chunk of Jell-o bigger than my fist? How did that end up on the cutting-room floor?

UPDATE 2: The rush of celebrity comes quickly… Apparently one of my co-workers saw the show and recognized me. Now everyone in QA is calling me a “movie star”.

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