Laundry & Bourbon / Lone Star

The show opens this weekend! Here’s the email I sent out, halfheartedly begging my friends to come see it.

Hey everyone — after a long layoff, I’m back on the stage! Many of you watch me drink beer and curse on a regular basis, but come to my show this weekend, where you can pay for the privilege!

The show consists of two self-contained yet related one-acts about a small Texas town. It should be at least reasonably funny.

I know that some of you had expressed concern that the plays would be trading on offensive Southern stereotypes. I too shared this concern early in the process, but rest assured that this hot-button area has been treated with taste and dignity. Wherever possible, actual rednecks were used throughout the production to ensure everything is on the level. But thank you for your sensitivity.

Full details follow.

** MIT Community Players Announce the Production of **


Directed by: Ronni Marshak and Mark Sickler
Starring: Katie Drexel, Katie Beattie, Catherine Tandy, Michael Dewberry, Benjamin Breaux, and Ted Batch

THIS THURSDAY thru SATURDAY at 8pm in Little Kresge Theater.
$6 for MIT students
$8 for members of the MIT community
$10 for general admission

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One Comment on “Laundry & Bourbon / Lone Star”

  1. Inge Guffens Says:


    My name is Inge Guffens. I am emailing you from the Netherlands with a question.
    While surfing on the internet I visited the site where you are annoucing the cast of Laundry and Bourbon. While reading, one of the names form the cast rang a bell…. Ted Batch.

    I used to know a Ted Batch when I was 24 (I’m now 40) and would like to know if it’s the same Ted Batch. And if so. Is there a way to get in touch with him. Do you have an emailaddress for me?
    The Ted I know used to lived in Boston and his familie was from Long Island. He must be around 38 now? Dark curly hair (then). He travelled through Europe when he was 21. We met in Greece many years ago. Would be fun to catch up on some old times.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Kind regards,

    Inge Guffens

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