Holding the iPhone.

I got one. The Apple Store was already bustling when I rolled in around 9:45am — they opened an hour early for day two of iPhone mania. There was a crowd around the demo models, but I was able to walk right up to the counter and buy my own in no time.

Took a bit of work to get the iPhone connected to my ultra-locked-down home Wifi, but it’s running great now. I was going to post this from the iPhone, but — get this — WordPress’ posting page crashes Safari! The phone gets knocked back to the home screen when you click the title textbox. [Update: The next time I synced the phone, iTunes saw the record of the crash and asked to send a bug report to Apple. Nice touch, hopefully they fix it quickly. Also, unchecking “use the visual rich editor” avoids the crash; I’m updating this from the iPhone.]

Other annoyances — the interface for recording a voicemail greeting is fantastic, but it functions like crap. It might be because I get terrible AT&T reception from my couch, but the phone only recorded sound in about one-third of the attempts I made. It’s great when it does work, though — no more “Press 1 to listen, press 2 to save” nonsense.

If you get a .mp3 attachment via email, you don’t seem to be able to do anything with it. Same with photos — can’t save to your library, can’t set wallpaper. Lots of missed opportunities.

The predictive text dictionary is terrible, routinely suggesting useless words and proper nouns. Check this:

tomo -> Tojo?
tomor -> Timor?
tomorr -> [no suggestion]
tomorro -> tomorrow? Thanks.

On the plus side, I can now watch Charles Has a Licking Problem whenever and wherever I want. Progress is awesome.

Update: Looks like the word-completion is adaptable, picking words from your emails, contacts, etc. It will now suggest “tomorrow” after “tomorr”, but Tojo and Timor still come up first. No idea how those got into my dictionary.

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