Rolled over by the Facebook katamari.

A combination of a critical mass of friend requests, and curiosity about the newish API platform, has finally strongarmed me into signing up for Facebook.

I haven’t touched my Friendster profile since ’04. I felt like I was a year or two too old for the crowd on there; I feel about eight years too old for the crowd on Facebook. At least it doesn’t make your eyes bleed like MySpace.

But what can you do. It’s an interesting platform, and I can see what Scoble was talking about when he said “Facebook is the modern day rolodex. It is the replacement for the business card.” I’ve already pinged a few people I haven’t talked to in a while and had conversations about interesting things they’re up to.

But with every pageview it feels more and more like the Spew agents are pinpointing me in the Demosphere. Except that in the real world we’re doing it to ourselves.

UPDATE: I have Facebook-frowning company in Indie Rock Pete.

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