Note to prospective girlfriends:

For better or worse, this is pretty much what I’m going to be like at 70. Knock on wood.

Some will want to poke fun, or read it as unintentional comedy, and a few cold-hearted people on the Analogue Heaven mailing list did. But Jim knows what he’s doing. Rock on, man.

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One Comment on “Note to prospective girlfriends:”

  1. slater0618 Says:

    I missed something? Aging is a process and staying independent is a goal. Positive thinking, looking at using senior centers and other social opportunities can keep us young. I am going to be 60 years old, visually challenged and working at home as Internet shopper for daily living aids. This started by shopping for my own needs.

    Keep things simple and enjoy life to the fullest while the body allows us. I have promised to travel while my eyesight allows me to enjoy it.

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