Thomas Dolby’s houseboat studio.

Today I briefly contemplated selling my Roland MKS-70 rackmount synthesizer. But I reconsidered when I realized how many albums in my current rotation evoke the 1980s Roland sound: Talk Talk, Prefab Sprout, the new Twin Peaks Season Two soundtrack… I can’t sell my only 80s synth; I need to fire up the MKS-70 again, geek out and get comfortable with it.

Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti is a known user of the Roland JX/MKS-series, but I wasn’t sure about Talk Talk and Prefab Sprout. Googling around, I saw a couple of references to “Roland strings” in articles about Sprout, but nothing definite. Hang on, Thomas Dolby produced their recently-reissued classic ‘Steve McQueen’? Didn’t know that. Here’s a post on his blog about remastering the reissue. Hang on, Thomas Dolby has a blog?

Yes he does. And it’s got some great stuff, too, especially about his love of boats and the ongoing tale of his efforts to buy a boat, park it in his garden, and build a studio in it. Awesome.

Thomas Dolby – About Boats
Thomas Dolby – Offer accepted!
Thomas Dolby – Hurdles
Thomas Dolby – Great day for a lifeboat delivery
Thomas Dolby – Convoi Exceptionnel

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One Comment on “Thomas Dolby’s houseboat studio.”

  1. Dewb Says:

    Oops, the MKS-70 isn’t my only synthesizer from the 1980s — I forgot about the Korg DW-8000 in the closet.

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