Farewell, Year of the Pig.

Sent out this invitation earlier in the week:

The Gregorian calendar turned over thirty-six days ago, and I’m sure we all have fond memories of fireworks, malt liquor, and inappropriate behavior.

But January 1 has never felt like the real start of a new year. It’s too wrapped up in the Thanksgiving-Christmas whirlwind: you need the rest of January just to get back into a normal routine. The holiday juggernaut continues through Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Groundhog’s Day. Many businesses don’t conclude their fiscal year until January 31. MIT undergrads have January off; classes start the first week of February. That same week, election-year theatrics begin in earnest with the Super Tuesday primaries. Mardi Gras concludes the Carnival season and Ash Wednesday marks the start of Lent. And tragically, at the start of February the NFL season finally draws to a close, the footballs and pom-poms and cheese-shaped helmets going back into storage until the fall. It is a barren time; with the slate wiped clean, it’s the true start to new plans and resolutions.

You know who’s got it right: the Chinese. The Year of Ding Hai, the Fire Pig, ends tomorrow, February 6.

Come celebrate the new year, Western-style, with barbecue. We’ll smoke as many parts of the pig as are practical and send the Year of the Pig out in style. Non-pig items will also be barbecued for those who think pigs are just too darn cute to eat. The Year of the Rat is beginning, but no rat will be served.

Saturday February 9th, 5pm til whenever
XX ——- —-, Somerville.

Come around 5 for food or show up later in the evening if you just want to party.
Barbecue will be smoked and served rain or shine; we have indoor seating.
Friends welcome.

If you would like to eat please RSVP via email, phone, Facebook, engraved note, carrier pigeon, or smoke signal, so we know how many pigs to butcher.

UPDATE: That was a great party. Thanks to everyone who came — we had a pretty big crowd, and I’m glad I planned to have lots of leftovers, because we ate and drank it all.

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One Comment on “Farewell, Year of the Pig.”

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