MIT grads in the news

Two items you probably won’t see in the next alumni newsletter:

For his make-believe corruption trial in Episode 57 of The Wire, Senator Clay Davis taps real-life defense attorney William “Billy” Murphy, Jr. Selected pull-quotes from Murphy’s biography:

“As for his theatrics, Billy Murphy makes no apologies. ‘I look at it this way,’ he explains. ‘A trial lawyer who isn’t able to use the full spectrum of techniques has arbitrarily limited himself. If a trial judge pushes you, you’ve got to push back. I used to say that my client is a child of God and everybody else is a son of a bitch.'”

“The defense attorney also knows every trick in the book… But it’s Murphy’s mental agility that makes him the master defender.”

“‘You’re formulating your defense and reformulating it, even as the trial takes place… You’ve got to be nimble enough not to be wedded to one point of attack.’ An M.I.T. engineering grad, Murphy wired his practice years ago so that he could check precedents, draft motions, and send e-mail while in court.”

Murphy is a natural on camera and fits right in with the rest of The Wire‘s excellent cast. Meanwhile, Jonathan Gruber is not getting raves for his recent appearance in a Paul Krugman column, quoted here:

So the Obama plan would leave more people uninsured than the Clinton plan. How big is the difference?
To answer this question you need to make a detailed analysis of health care decisions. That’s what Jonathan Gruber of M.I.T., one of America’s leading health care economists, does in a new paper.

Donald Luskin cries foul on Krugman:

What Krugman doesn’t tell you is that Jonathan Gruber is no objective academic. He’s an adviser to the Clinton campaign. What — couldn’t Krugman find an appropriate quote from Hillary herself?

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2 Comments on “MIT grads in the news”

  1. Dewb Says:

    Russell Korobkin, writing at the Volokh Conspiracy, says Gruber is right that the Clinton plan would leave fewer people uninsured, but that doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  2. Druidical Says:

    Druidical says : I absolutely agree with this !

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