Quick thoughts on the first hour of Generation Kill

So we just had our first hour of television from David Simon & co. since The Wire closed up shop. It was good TV. Not amazing, but nobody familiar with The Wire expects a David Simon production to show its hand in the first hour. We’ll know if it’s good or not around episode 4, probably.

Good: The characters, the acting, the dialogue. Bad: Hmm. Well, the empty desert is already getting old. Many of the actors, while unknowns, look vaguely familiar — leading to a lot of false “Hey It’s That Guy” hits. (Yeah, I’m stretching.)

Didn’t see too much new fuel for the political debate around the show. Most of that seemed sparked by the trailer, which definitely had a bit of selection bias towards soundbites that would attract an anti-war audience. And certainly there’s a larger selection bias in Simon and HBO choosing this project. But Simon’s promised neutrality holds up, and I don’t think either side of the debate has grounds to complain. At least not yet.

A certain few nicknamed officers of 1st Recon are not going to be happy, though, woo. No way.

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