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The AV Club keeps manning that bulkwark.

October 1, 2009

From the AVC review of the new Nick Hornby novel: (emphasis mine)

Hornby’s dealt with relationships unraveling against a backdrop of cultural obsession before…. they separately arrive at a reckoning where cultural curiosity forms only a partial bulwark against death.

From the AVC review of the latest episode of Glee:

Nobody’s with the people they wish they were with (like Peanuts!). Life is constantly shitting on all of them (like Peanuts!). And every small moment of happiness is ultimately so tiny that it only carries over for a few minutes after (like Peanuts!).

It may only be a partial one, but dangit, they’re gonna keep at it, and so am I.


RIP David Foster Wallace.

September 13, 2008

I hope this is a fitting tribute:
Michael is in shock[1] over the news[2] about David Foster Wallace[3].